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Is your life a GRAVEYARD?

VOTE!!!!! DON'T SIT ON YOUR is not the way to serve your neighbor. DON'T MAKE've used them up already for 2020...remember the New Years resolution you didn't keep? DON'T STAY HOME.....we've all been locked up too long already and the party is at the POLLS this year! DON'T SAY YOU DON'T HAVE TIME.....this… Continue reading Is your life a GRAVEYARD?

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I am a Patriot – I vote – No Apologies!

America’s Founders created a brilliant system for electing a President. They ensured truly representative elections by balancing the interests of small states versus large states, rural versus urban areas, and one region versus another. The Electoral College is the key to that representative balance. Today, the Electoral College is under the most severe attack in… Continue reading I am a Patriot – I vote – No Apologies!