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It’s Not Really Over….It’s Just Begun

No matter the outcome, no matter the winner,The real work is just begun.Lessons learned, justice will prevail,things are never as bad as they seem. Cry, but just a little. Pick yourself up.Don't stay in the dark too long.Today is a new day. Promises will unfold,and you will smile again, when you see the light. Stay… Continue reading It’s Not Really Over….It’s Just Begun

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How Do You Know?

How do I know if a story is true? It is told over and over again without the main points changing.The who....the what....the when.....the where....the important facts don't change.The color of a thing may change from one person telling the story or a repeating of the story from the original story-teller, the temperature in a… Continue reading How Do You Know?

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Is it Enough to Just Exist?

The social distancing is doing more harm for society then the small percentage of deaths caused by Covid...even though one life lost is precious. Are we watering down too much of the truth in this situation? I think the American people can handle the truth...undiluted. Give it to me straight! I like it that way.… Continue reading Is it Enough to Just Exist?

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Cool, Crisp and Messy……Prepare for the SEASONS

I am not describing a Chocolate Mousse although I could go for one right now.I am describing what it looks like outside my window this Fall day in Minnesota.I am fortunate to have property with mature trees, mostly Cottonwoods.My hummingbirds live up in the trees but I think they have left now for Winter.I have… Continue reading Cool, Crisp and Messy……Prepare for the SEASONS