How to measure for your mask size.

My masks come in 3 sizes – Child – Adult – and XLarge
You must let me know the size you need or Adult size will be issued.

The following instructions will help you get the right size for your mask.
Compare these dimensions you find with the “FINISHED” dimensions below to find the size you need.

  1. Front center of face – measure from middle of bridge of nose to just under the chin where the jawbone meets the soft area under chin. (This is the length measurement.)
  2. Front width of face – measure from front of right ear at center where the flap tissue is to front of left ear at center where the flap tissue is. (This is the width measurement.)
  3. Ties are 34″ – 44″ long for the continuous design and 9″ for each ear for the ear loop design. If you think you need a longer tie(s) let me know.

Mask Details

Typically one size fits all adults. Masks are cut so finished dimensions are wider at the top and narrower at the chin area. It can be adjusted at the sides by gathering up the fabric until the mask is hugging your face from bridge of nose to under your chin.

Ear looped or continuous tie designs are available.

If you order the ear loops designed mask you can adjust the mask to fit by gathering up the sides as shown.
With the continuous loop design you place top loop over head to sit on top of ears and pull tightly to tie at back of neck. This is nice if you want to assure the mask won’t fall off if you will be very active wearing it. A good choice for children or active adults.

Back of Head

fabric mask shown
If you order a mask with a continuous cord that ties at only the neck, it can be gathered at the sides for a comfy and snug fit. It should tuck under your chin and sit on top of the bridge of the nose.

Finished Dimensions:

Child Size = 5″ wide (right to left) x 4.5″ height (nose to chin)….. 32-36″ length of cord for tie
Adult = 7″ wide (right to left) x 6.5″ height (nose to chin)……44″ length of cord for tie
X-Large Adult = 9″ wide (right to left) x 8.5″ height (nose to chin)….54″ length of cord for tie

These dimensions may change or be adjusted. I am counting on feedback from users. Your cord may need trimming.

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Thank you for visiting! ~~ Cathy Silverberg