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An Uphill Climb….Lead From Within You

Have you ever accidentally knocked over an anthill that seemed to be growing in the middle of your child's sandbox. You both enjoyed watching the critters scamper to rebuild, piece by piece. They would carry sand crystals twice or three times the size of their body and crawl it quickly into the opening of the… Continue reading An Uphill Climb….Lead From Within You

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Reaching Out…Hanging on to Hope

Round and round it goes again, these thoughts twirling in my head.Do I write, do I call, should I send a gift, or unannounced, just drop in?Should I set my hopes aside and think of others at this time...even if it means forever? This may be the life I must now live, in this lifetime… Continue reading Reaching Out…Hanging on to Hope

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I Wanted Another Mother as she Stroked My Hair

"I wish you could be my mom." I said as I sat on June's lap. June (not her real name), was my favorite visitor when the neighbor ladies would gather for coffee clutching, as they called this social time. Most women stayed home and didn't work outside of the home then. These mom's would take… Continue reading I Wanted Another Mother as she Stroked My Hair