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How Do You Know?

How do I know if a story is true? It is told over and over again without the main points changing.The who....the what....the when.....the where....the important facts don't change.The color of a thing may change from one person telling the story or a repeating of the story from the original story-teller, the temperature in a… Continue reading How Do You Know?

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Who is Watching Me?

Close the book. Turn off the program. You don't need to see that. Switch the station. Shut it down. You don't need to hear that. Tell them no. Walk away. You don't need to do that. Don't respond. Bite your tongue. You don't need to say that. Turn around. Drive away. You don't need to… Continue reading Who is Watching Me?

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Just Like Me

I don't want to .... I don't feel like ..... I am too tired to..... I am not in the mood to...... I would rather...... I am afraid to..... I'm annoyed when.... I get sick of...... I wish that..... I don't understand when..... SO WHAT IS ALL THE FIGHTING ABOUT?You are just like me. We… Continue reading Just Like Me