About Me

One of many backyard gardens.

Me in my bonfire attire.

Phlox under front window.

A new addition to our family coming in March. That will make 12 grandchildren for our blended family.
Never Forgotten! Freedom is not free!

During my Retirement Years I still want to sew and work with customers, but have just slowed the pace a bit.

Three words describe me best. Christ follower, patriot and student. All three are important to me and gives me my purpose in the times in which we live.

God, country and always learning gives me something to work toward and contribute to.

I have over 35 years sewing experience and will be offering classes to students in the Fall and Spring.

Hobbies keep me busy, grandchildren who still need me as it can help busy parents, and my love for plant life. I am also enjoying some writing on my Blog page. Not long stories, just short thoughts that hopefully encourage someone.

Pray for our nation, our President Donalt Trump and his family. Pray for first responders everywhere. Remember our Veterans who have given much to preserve the freedoms we enjoy.

Thank you for visiting!

Cathy Silverberg

Text Message- 651-245-0644
Email: cushncovers@live.com