About Me

I’m loved…..and I am many other things, but….God is not finished with me yet!

If I’m not sewing or holding a grandchild, I am writing, playing my piano or in one of my gardens.

Never Forget! Freedom is not free!

During my Retirement Years I still want to sew and work with customers, but have just slowed the pace a bit.

I have over 35 years sewing experience and will be offering classes to students in the Fall and Spring. You must register to be included. Registration is closed now for Fall but you can sign up or send me a note about Spring classes.

My piano playing, gardening and grandchildren, and some other hobbies keep me busy. I am also enjoying some writing on my Blog page which does not usually have anything to do with sewing. I write mostly to encourage others and share my faith that keeps me centered.

I write letters to friends and others who need some encouragement. Send me a private message with an address of your loved one in a nursing home or a veteran that may need some encouragement. I will send you a card from me that you can forward to them, or I will just mail it to them for you.

Pray for our nation and our President, and all our first responders, including our police officers, who’s lives are on the line daily for all people who have been privileged to live in this great nation!

Be sure to vote in November as it is your right and the best way to insure we get the country we deserve.

Thank you for visiting!

Cathy Silverberg

4980 126th St N
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55110

Cell/Text – 651-245-0644
Email: cushncovers@live.com