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Memories of a Father – Blessed

Dandelion picking on our lawn

Finding four leaf clovers

Green bean picking and pulling carrots

Making snapdragons open

Jigsaw puzzles all year round

Croquet tournaments

Colored steps and hop scotch

Dice games and stacking card towers

Tinsel hung perfectly on our Christmas tree

Dancing with us to Lawrence Welk songs

Bonanza and My Three Sons

Carved figures and oil paintings

Bonfires and buttered popcorn

Ice skating and snow sculptures

Visiting grandparents and sipping wine

Church each Sunday morning

Singing songs and drawing sketches

White ironed shirt and tie

Working hard ’til supper

Naps at noon and bedtime stories

Carrying us horseback up to bed

The biggest smile on any face

Always happy with his beer

Too much around, but shared it

Many friends to visit

These things all remind me of my dad!

Dearly loved and remembered.
Gone home to be with Jesus in 1990 (age 72…too young for him)

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