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I am writing just for the fun of it so my blog really has little to do with my sewing. Don’t waste too much time there unless you are curious. Now that I am retired, writing has been a pastime I have been enjoying in between sewing jobs or gardening.

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Week of 9/10/2020
September is cool in Minnesota. We have enjoyed a few bonfires already. It is another of
my favorite activities. I am the one in the family that is usually the fire starter and the
one who maintains the fire.

The nuthatches and woodpeckers are enjoying our suet and hummingbirds still at the feeders. I am sure they will soon be leaving me which has been great entertainment for me since May when they first arrived.

Sewing classes to start in October so I will have some preparations to do for that. I am excited to meet a few new people who signed up. With Covid there has been little activity or interaction with folks at our home. Other than the grandchildren and their parents that occassionally pay us a visit, it has been a little too quiet. I am sure most of you would agree during these days.

I do need to get up to my sewing after mixing up a batch of banana bread muffins. I am working on a few sets of lined panel drapes that are pleatless but have pockets to run the rod through. It will give the effect of pleated drapery. My first attempt at these.

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